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First Time Client Assessment


55 Minute Assessment

Wear comfortable clothing, supportive shoes and bring a water bottle.  We recommend eating something light and healthy an hour or two before training so you aren't hungry or weak during it.
Body Composition Testing - We take your body fat percentage two different ways.  The first way uses a bio-electrical impedance device.  The second uses three different body circumference measurements put in a formula.
Body Circumference Measurements - Its good to have a record of many different areas where you are starting at so you can see improvements beyond just the scale.
Strength Assessment - For people looking to improve strength, we like to measure their current strength capacity.
V02 Score (a measure of your cardiovascular capacity) - This tells us what intensity level your body is currently capable of.
Short first Workout - The personal trainers at Where to Start have put together a comprehensive short workout that lets us see where your body needs improvements. 
Goal Setting - We want to know where you want to go from here.  Let us help you set your short-term and long-term fitness goals and formulate a plan together to get you there.