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First Time Client Kick-start - $29

Everything must be completed within seven days of assessment.

55 Minute Assessment

Wear comfortable clothing, supportive shoes and bring a water bottle.  We recommend eating something light and healthy an hour or two before training so you aren't hungry or weak during it.
Body Composition Testing - We take your body fat percentage two different ways.  The first way uses a bio-electrical impedance device.  The second uses three different body circumference measurements put in a formula.
Body Circumference Measurements - Its good to have a record of many different areas where you are starting at so you can see improvements beyond just the scale.
Strength Assessment - For people looking to improve strength, we like to measure their current strength capacity.
V02 Score (a measure of your cardiovascular capacity) - This tells us what intensity level your body is currently capable of.
Short first Workout - The personal trainers at Where to Start have put together a comprehensive short workout that lets us see where your body needs improvements. 
Goal Setting - We want to know where you want to go from here.  Let us help you set your short-term and long-term fitness goals and formulate a plan together to get you there.

55 Minute first one on one personal training

This is where you get to experience first hand the personalized training routine put together for you by your Where to Start trainer.

First Zumba Fitness or Zumba Gold and first GroupFit class

Total Value: $92

First Time Client Package