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Jennifer M.'s Review of Where to Start

I am so pleased with my transformation...Daniel is an excellent motivator and holds me accountable for my workouts. In three months, I have lost almost 5% body fat and over 15 lbs of pure FAT...I lost over 7" in my waist alone! I regained energy I had lost due to bad eating habits, and I now have a much better self-awareness of what it takes to stay healthy. The group classes are a lot of fun...Daniel and Tirzah make each visitor/client feel welcome. Without reservation, I recommend them to anyone looking for a well-rounded, manageable, work-out program at a VERY reasonable price. I look forward to continuing to exercise at Where to Start Fitness to maintain my healthy habits!!!

Cami C.'s Review of Where to Start

"Training with Tirzah Hawkins from Where To Start was an amazing experience for me. We began my personal training about 5 weeks before our family vacation to Hawaii. Tirzah challenged me physically and mentally by getting my body and mind to push themselves for the best results. The work-out plan she designed for me was specific to my needs and capabilities, and by the end of those 5 weeks I felt energized, on the right track, and had actually lost one full pant size!"

Cami C.'s Report Card

Pounds lost: 6
Inches off waist: 2.75
Inches off hips: 3
Body Fat by Circumference: Down 3.56%
V02 Score:  Increased 6.55; went from poor to good

Letter From Sharon K.

Dear Tirzah and Daniel,

I don’t know how to thank you for your encouragement and motivation.  Let me start by explaining my old mind set to you.  I’ve had a couple of years to settle in and just accept being in my fifties.  What that meant in my mind was that I couldn’t do the things that I was doing in my forties, at work, home or at play.  Every year I got a little weaker, and one by one I began to accept that there are just some things that I can’t’ do anymore.

Well, it wasn’t long before you changed my mind about all of that.  My circumstances were true enough, but I came to a realization that there really was something that I could about it, I began to see and feel real tangible change, which led to more than a hope to be as strong and healthy has I had been in years past, but perhaps even more so, since I took my body for granted in my youth, and had very poor, OK . .  very bad eating habits.  Even though I can’t go back for a redo, I still have the present, and enthusiastically welcome your instruction to show me how to be in the best physical shape of my life.

Where to Start fitness is the perfect name for you studio, I came in and felt welcome, even though I was in such bad shape, I didn’t at all feel like I had to be in good shape to start. And the very best part is that you’ve opened up possibilities that expanded far beyond what I ever considered could be possible for me, even when I was young.  I really don’t know how to thank you . . . for my new healthy lifestyle, and my stronger healthier body.  


51+ years young

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